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Birthstone Charm Necklace - Aries
Birthstone Charm Necklace - Aries
Birthstone Charm Necklace - Aries

Birthstone Charm Necklace - Aries

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The Aries Charm Necklace features a hand-stamped hand holding your choice of March or April birthstone. The hand is stamped with the symbol for Aries and given a  small "tattoo" of a bonfire to represent the sign's connection to the Fire element. 

Choose from the following stones:
March: Moss Aquamarine - may have small black or brown inclusions
April: White Topaz

Aquamarine is considered a powerful gemstone for Aries as a stone connected to water because it helps balance out the extra fiery nature of Aries with its soothing properties and connection to the throat chakra. 

White Topaz is a great alternative to the classic April birthstone, diamond. The Romans linked White Topaz to Helios, the sun god, and is known for helping with a cheerful disposition, clarity, and heightening Aries' already creative nature. 

Pendant size : approx. 1 inch x .5 inches

Chain Length: 18 inches (contact within 24 hours if different chain length is desired)


All sterling silver construction.
This item is a short term made to order item, meaning it may take up to 2 weeks for production and shipment. 


 Please note any pieces with blackened metal are subject to being worn away over time with each wearer's unique pattern or marks depending on if the piece is scratched, or otherwise marred. A museum grade wax non-toxic sealant is used to prevent this but is not guaranteed to last forever. Avoid wearing in the shower, swimming pool, submerging fully in water, or during physical labor or exercise. Blackening may be reapplied after 30 days if desired as well as other cleaning/polishing services if needed, just send an email to to discuss details.