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Ocean Moon Choker Necklace

Ocean Moon Choker Necklace

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A continuation of my moon strung dangle designs, the Ocean Moon necklace features a Thunderegg Agate moon hand cut in our studio to highlight the natural wave design in the stone. A hand drawn and stamped sterling silver "coral" suspends the whole piece. Below the moon are strung on Sterling silver chain three solid sterling cast seashells and a freshwater pearl. Designed to be worn near the collar bones. 

 Pendant size: about 1.5 x 3.5 inches 
Chain Length: 16 inches with pendant and clasp

(please email or DM me on instagram if different length chain preferred within 24 hours of purchase)


All Sterling silver construction is hand forged with traditional bench work. Jewelry is finished with hand stamped maker's mark on the back. 

Please note any pieces with blackened metal are subject to possibly being worn away over time with each wearer's unique pattern or marks depending on if the piece is scratched, or otherwise marred. A museum grade thin layer of wax is used to prevent this but cannot be guaranteed. Avoid wearing during exercise, in the shower, swimming pool, or submerging fully in water. Blackening may be reapplied in the future if desired as well as other cleaning/polishing services, just send an email to