Large Carved Larvikite Tombstone

Large Carved Larvikite Tombstone

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Our largest freestanding crystal tombstones yet, these have been carved from solid Larvikite with the letters RIP and a small three dimensional skull at the top, reminiscent of old New England cemeteries. Larvikite is a stone mostly found in Norway and is known for its blue iridescence in the feldspar crystals within the stone matrix. In modern times this stone has actually gained popularity as a gravestone. 

measurements: each stone is unique and while they may vary slightly in size they measure around 4.25 inches tall, 2.5 inches wide, and .75 inches thick. 

A Larvikite Tombstone will be chosen intuitively for you. Every carving may have slight unique features and no two will be exactly alike.  

photos are for example only