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Carved Quartz Crystal Ghost
Carved Quartz Crystal Ghost

Carved Quartz Crystal Ghost

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Take home a little ghost friend to haunt your home! While they all share the same spooky expression, each natural Quartz crystal ghost is hand carved making every one unique. 

No two quartz crystals are alike. Each unique crystal will have varying levels of clarity, internal inclusions and fractures. Your new ghost will be intuitively chosen for you. 

approx. 2 inches tall

Add on a color changing LED light stand to light up your little ghost! 

Wooden Light Stand Base Specs:
~ 16 color changing LED lights with different settings including flash, fade, and smooth with varying light intensity
~ Remote controlled 
~ USB cord powered with off/on button
~ approx 4 inches around
~ 3W/5V voltage
~ Comes with a circular clear acrylic disc for your ghost to stand on