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Allerdale Hall Necklace - Made to Order
Allerdale Hall Necklace - Made to Order
Allerdale Hall Necklace - Made to Order

Allerdale Hall Necklace - Made to Order

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An homage to the lady of the house, Lucille. The deep teal colored Neon Kyanite stone mimics the color Lucille wears almost exclusively after Thomas brings home his new wife. The color is the same as the interior of the dilapidated and rotted interior as the manor. An antique patterned band forms the shadowbox setting while two slim prongs holding the stone represents the brutal nature of Lucille who lies in wait to consume the beautiful butterfly that has flittered into her domain. A matte finish silver moth sits above the frame, below the stone and a keyhole is cut into the backplate, behind the stone to bring the wearer closer to the stone and hints at the secrets locked within Allerdale Hall. 

 Picture is for reference only. A near identical piece will be made upon order with a similar stone. Due to natural nature of the stones they may slightly different coloring and inclusions. 

Chain length: 22 inches (contact for different chain length after purchase) 

 Pendant size: approx 1.5 x .75 inches

All sterling silver construction.
Made to Order items may take up to 4-6 weeks for production. 


Shaped stones are cut and shaped in our little home studio by my partner in business and life. Each piece of jewelry is a one of a kind creation forged by both our hands in the Pacific Northwest. 

 Please note any pieces with blackened metal are subject to being worn away over time with each wearer's unique pattern or marks depending on if the piece is scratched, or otherwise marred. A museum grade wax non-toxic sealant is used to prevent this but is not guaranteed to last forever. Avoid wearing in the shower, swimming pool, submerging fully in water, or during physical labor or exercise. Blackening may be reapplied after 30 days if desired as well as other cleaning/polishing services if needed, just send an email to to discuss details.