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Veiled Lady Candle

Veiled Lady Candle

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 Inspired by the infamous marble busts popular in the late 1700's to mid 1800's, this unscented Veiled Lady candle has been imported from an artisan in France that specializes in small batch, hand poured candles.

Each candle is handmade, individually scented and colored, so there may be variations and imperfections which only makes each one more unique.

> Net Weight : 230 g
> Wax type : Vegan Soy Wax ( Pillar Wax)
> Dimension : approx. Height 4.33 inches / Length 4.33 inches

WARNING: Always light and burn candle within sight, away from any flammable objects, on a wide heat-resistant surface in case candle should burn all the way down or topple over. Burn and keep away from children and animals reach