Flower Moon Crystal Bundle

Flower Moon Crystal Bundle

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This Crystal Bundle features 3 unique stones inspired by May's Full Moon. Rose Quartz promotes self-love and activates the Heart Charka, Moonstone with Tourmaline has an energy that is at once lifting and grounding while encouraging a feeling of protection. Flower Agate encourages new growth, transformation, and considered an energy stone to help direct and focus your goals or path. These stones together provide potent tools for meditation or spell work during Full Moons. 

In this bundle you will receive 1 of each intuitively chosen stone: 

✶ Rose Quartz Worry Stone 
(approx. 2x1.5")

✶ Moonstone + Black Tourmaline Sphere
(approx 1.75-2")

✶ Flower Agate Crescent Moon
(approx. 2.25x2")

* Please note all stones are unique in patterning, color, and inclusions and will vary in appearance