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Enchanted Castle Necklace
Enchanted Castle Necklace

Enchanted Castle Necklace

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 Vines, thorns, an entire forest grew and bent to entomb the castle sleeping in the woods...The Enchanted Castle Necklace features a one of a kind Lodolite (aka Garden Quartz) teardrop sitting atop layers of silver cut and shaped to form a castle on a cliff. A real twig cast in silver forms the hoop the bail is attached to. One of my hand drawn and stamped roses adorns the back, a totem and emblem for the wearer. The castle and woods in the classic fairytale Sleeping Beauty represent a safe, nurturing place where Aurora matures waiting for her destined love in peace and privacy. Like a rose, thorns grow and surround the estate, protecting the beauty within. Roses are a powerful symbol and reminder that something can be beautiful and full of grace, yet should be balanced with strength and protected so that beauty isn't vulnerable.  


Pendant Size: approx. 2.5 x 1 inches

Chain length: 18" + 2" extender (contact for different chain length after purchase) 

All sterling + fine silver construction. 
This item is ready to ship. 


 Please note any pieces with blackened metal are subject to being worn away over time with each wearer's unique pattern or marks depending on if the piece is scratched, or otherwise marred. A museum grade wax non-toxic sealant is used to prevent this but is not guaranteed to last forever. Avoid wearing in the shower, swimming pool, submerging fully in water, or during physical labor or exercise. Blackening may be reapplied after 30 days if desired as well as other cleaning/polishing services if needed, just send an email to to discuss details.