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Belomorite Moonstone Eclipse Carvings

Belomorite Moonstone Eclipse Carvings

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Belomorite is a fairly recently discovered form of Moonstone found near the White Sea. It can sometimes be called Sunstone Moonstone or Moonstone in Sunstone due to it's unique peach colored matrix with Smoky Quartz inclusions that flash an otherworldly pale blue when the light shines through the feldspar layers in the right angles. This material has been carved into a circle with serence Moon and Sun faces to harness the energy of both the Divine Feminine and Masculine. A Carving will be intuitively chosen for you from my collection. 

Carvings measure approx. 2" in diameter

Like other feldspar material, your piece may only flash when oriented in the right direction under specific light sources. Flash may not always be visible.